Businesses can operate most efficiently with superior professional financial management, especially when a firm can offer a range of services designed specifically to meet a growing company’s needs. Our services are designed to provide a one-stop solution, and include:


SEC and International Finance
Our experience allows for easier compliance with both SEC and international guidelines. Whether you’re moving internationally or considering an expansion, we can provide planning tools and compliance audits to ensure a seamless transition. 

Mergers and Acquisitions
Some of the most complex business agreements are mergers and acquisitions, and an experienced financial team is essential when considering these options. Our experience in this area allows for a managed transition within a short time frame.

Business Start-Up
New businesses require numerous professional services, including experienced risk assessment, financial budgeting and reforecasting and policy and procedural reviews.

From developing and refining a business plan to identification of best practices, our team can optimize every part of a new business, allowing for quicker growth and better budgeting. Our business management and start-up services are comprehensive and long-term, so the same financial experts that help you to create your first financial report will be there when you’re ready to make major moves for long-term growth, such as moving to an international market. We also offer C-Level Management and Mentoring for superior efficiency and productivity, as well as a full array of human resources services.

External And Internal Auditing
We can help your business prepare for tax auditing with external audit preparations, greatly easing the pressure on your accounting staff. d’Hill Finance & Affiliates also offers compliance audits to reduce potential penalties and fines, as well as operational audits to identify potential operational weaknesses and analytical audits for a more efficient and accurate billing and payment system. Vendor audits can ensure compliance with even the most stringent of vendor agreements.Audits are essential to any business, and their importance grows as the business becomes larger. Services like cost containment review help to reduce overhead at all levels of a business and let you focus on growth, not on costs and budgeting. 

Growing businesses need financial services that make sense, and with our comprehensive approach, each challenge that your business faces can be appropriately addressed for efficient, low-cost business operation. Contact us for more information on specific services or to discuss your business’s financial and accounting needs.



Our Core Services

Risk Assessments

Partnering – Additional Resources for Existing Internal Audit Function

Operational Audits

Policies and Procedures Review Evaluation and Documentation

Compliance Audits

Analytical Audits – A/P Duplicate Payment, A/R Credit Memos

Vendor Audit/Contract Compliance/ Royal Audits Cost Containment Review

Identification of Best Practices

Asset Identification and Protection Business Plan Assistance

Financial Budgeting and Reforecasting

Reporting and Financial Distribution